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Medical Services

As a licensed professional Foot Specialist, I aim to offer high quality medical services in order to meet and exceed my patients’ needs. 

Chiropody services are currently not covered by OHIP. Group benefits and private insurance companies such as: Sun Life, Great West Life, Green Shield, and many more provide coverage for these services. Please contact your insurance provider today to discuss what is covered for you.

Services: Services

Routine Nail & Callus Care

Routine foot care is a necessity for all ages, whether done independently or by a health care practitioner. Nail abnormalities of all kinds can be assessed and potentially treated by a Chiropodist. These abnormalities can include but are not limited to increased nail length, discolouration, thickness, fungal infections and in grown nails. Furthermore, education on correct nail and callus reduction for self care will be provided to prevent complications from occurring.

Diabetic Foot Screenings

Diabetes is an extremely common health condition that affects all ages, many of which are unsure of how to treat or manage symptoms. Diabetic assessments are used by Chiropodists to determine a patient's risk of developing complications such as nerve damage and wound development. Vascular, neurological, dermatological, and musculoskeletal assessments will be completed to determine a management plan suitable for each individual.

Orthotics & Biomechanical Exams

Foot related abnormalities can cause pain during sports as well as activities of daily living. A Chiropodist can address your foot problems by implementing patient education, physical therapy, and device implementation (orthopedic footwear, insoles or custom-made orthotics). Physical therapy can include taping, stretching regimens, bracing, ultrasound or shockwave therapy, etc.
Referrals to other healthcare practitioners may be completed for further care. Each recommendation is supported by a biomechanical assessment and gait analysis.

Foot Pain Management

Foot pain can include pain in the toes, heels, plantar fasciitis, etc. All of these can negatively impact our activities throughout the day. A complete assessment will be performed to determine the cause of the pain. Our management plan will tailored to the examination findings and will include treatments that will occur in the clinic and things to do at home.

Wart Treatments

Warts can be very difficult to manage, for everyone. A Chiropodist can help you management these lesions by getting to the root of the problem... no pun intended. Topical creams, solutions, debridement, and cross-contamination education can all be implemented to a treatment plan, based on each patient's wart presentation.

Wound Care

Many patients suffer from wounds caused by a variety of health conditions. Typically, they are caused by a loss of sensation or decreased blood flow. Treatment of these lesions is essential for closure and prevention of new lesions. Debridement, dressings, and pressure offloading can be completed by a Chiropodist to ensure complications are minimized. Communication will be provided to each patient's health care team including physicians, nurses, personal support workers, and family members. Education will be provided as well to those who are unassisted.


Surgical procedures limited to the soft tissue of the foot can be completed by a Chiropodist. These procedures include nail procedures, wart or other lesion removal, and tendon releases. A full assessment of the area(s) of concern will be completed to ensure each patient is a good candidate for optimal results.


Therapeutic and diagnostic injections can be completed by a Chiropodist for a multitude of conditions. Injections available include local anesthetic, corticosteroids, and sclerosing agents.

Dermatological Exams

A complete skin assessment will be completed to assist in identifying all skin lesions to the best of our abilities. As Chiropodists, we provide services such as visual inspection and lesion biopsies to increase classification accuracy. Removal of potentially harmful lesions may be recommended to prevent increased growth and new lesion occurrences. Referral to a dermatologist, through your general physician, will be completed upon request or shall the recommended treatment fall out of our scope of practice. Specific dermatological treatments may include topical and/or surgical treatment of verrucae, topical treatment of inflammatory skin disorders, topical treatment of fungal infections, and surgical excisions of lesions.

Compression Therapy & Venous Care

Therapy and treatment of the venous system will be closely examined and treated within our scope of practice, limited to the foot. Compression stocking measurements and dispensing can be provided upon request through physician prescription to satisfy insurance coverage.


It is our job as Chiropodists to make sure your feet are taken care of at ALL times. If you experience a foot emergency you are welcome to contact our office. It is not guaranteed that you will be seen due to circumstances. If you are in need of immediate assistance please visit your nearest emergency department or stop by the Angus Walk-In Clinic.

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